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RYE, N.Y. – Legal documents filed at the Westchester County Courthouse show that New York State’s Department of Taxation & Finance issued three separate tax warrants, over the last six years, to Joe Carvin for his repeated failure to pay New York State income taxes.

The amount of past due taxes, interest and penalties owed by Mr. Carvin to New York State totaled $90,990.55.

Mr. Carvin received his first tax warrant in November of 2006 for the amount of $551.49. In April of 2008, Mr. Carvin–a hedge fund manager running on his “fiscal and financial expertise” – had the state place an $87,782.51 tax lien against his Rye Brook residence. Cup o’Joe Carvin received his last wake up call in June of 2009 when he was served a third tax warrant in the amount of $ 2,656.55.

According to the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance

“A tax warrant is a legal action against you and creates a lien against your real and personal property.” The state further explains that a warrant is “a public record stating that you owe taxes to New York State” and that the state has “the right to collect your debt through a levy, income execution, and seizure and sale of property.”

Mr. Carvin, who recently infused his campaign with $1,000,000 of his own cash, satisfied each warrant pursuant to NYS Tax Law within three to five months of receiving his warrants (see below).

He now joins other emerging Republican stars like sitting City of Rye Mayor Doug French, who failed to pay his NY State income taxes in 2011, and was caught cheating on his school tax exemption for a decade, yet still enjoys the support of local GOP leaders.

Before facing Democrat Lowey in the general election, Mr. Carvin will have to defeat Jim Russell in the little-publicized Republican Primary being held Tuesday, June 26th.

Mr. Russell garnered over 70,000 votes in his own failed bid to unseat Lowey in 2010 – a campaign in which he was branded a “racist” for an essay he wrote in 2001. Read it for yourself. The essay was distorted and Mr. Russell was slandered as a “racist” in a smear-laden campaign by Nita Lowey and the Westchester Republican Party. The Republican Party continues with their dirty politics to denigrate Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell has sued various members of the Westchester Republican Party and the press for branding him as such, that case is still in litigation.

Carvin 2006 Tax Warrant; Satisfaction
Carvin 2008 Tax Warrant; Satisfaction
Carvin 2009 Tax Warrant; Satisfaction

Tax Warrants and liens from New York State Department of State State Tax Warrant Notice System

Joe Carvin: The more you know him, the less you trust him.

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  1. Rose Smalls says:

    I’m not surprised! Altima, his hedge fund, has been described as a “two man boiler room” operation in a room no bigger than an SUV.

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